Kate and Bron's Diary for 2002-10-10

Stayed the night in Gryon

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From: "Bron Gondwana" <brong@brong.net>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 00:52:37 +1000 (EST)
This place is great for just lazing around. We're in a dorm with 6
people, and we lazed about until very late, then got up to have showers
only to discover they were being cleaned, so we went back and lazed
around some more.

I went down to the local grocery store and bought two of everything (ok,
not quite), then we settled down to make breakfast and lunch and stuff..
all at once.

They have lots of books here, so I read lots, and Kate finished off
someone's jigsaw puzzle (there were 5 missing pieces and 3 extras that
didn't belong!), then read lots.

We got enough people together for the thermal pools, which were
absolutely fantastic! Wow! The water bubbles out at 70 degrees, then is
cooled down to about 32 for the pools, but there are jets of higher
temperature as well. There's a giant whirlpool made by jets on an angle,
and heaps of little fountains and bubble beds and spas and.. oh, and
there are a range of saunas and turkish baths at all different
temperatures and humidities. It wasn't cheap (CHF 25 each including an
insane drive down the mountain through the fog in a crowded van, and of
course back again), but hey - it was definitely worth it. Yay!

Sat around and chatted with lots of people, I played a game of chess
(and discovered a piece is missing from my set, so I'll have to throw it
away too.. oh well, it cost $2).

More reading, then to bed early. So relaxing here (wish we weren't so
sick from those evil Octoberfest people and their coughing and
deodorant, not to mention the cigarette smoke we've been exposed to...)
Oh yeah, this hostel is non-smoking inside, and you have to take your
shoes off at the door too...

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