Kate and Bron's Diary for 2002-10-23

Stayed the night in London

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From: "Kate McMullin" <kate@brong.net>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 22:16:16 +1100 (EST)
Here we are at Kansai Airport, Osaka, in transit for 7 hours, and only
just realising there are free internet terminals in the transit
lounge... So to fill in some time, I'll write a few diary entries,
assuming I can avoid turning the keyboard into Japanese letters again
(all the instructions are in Japanese too).

Started the day off by sleeping in (lovely!) and doing much needed

Decided that as we've been careful with our spending, we could actually
afford to buy a digital camera that we'd been considering getting before
leaving. For those of you in the know, it's a Cannon Ixus V2, a rather
nice small solid thing that Bron has spend most of his time since
playing with - not another toy, I hear you say (or at least, I'll say it
loud enough)!

We went to Tottenham Crt Rd, which is lined with electrical goods shops.
The first few places we went into were pretty crap, as they wouldn't let
us play with the camera to try it out before buying. Seems a strange way
to try and sell things. Anyway, we found a shop that would let us fiddle
with the display model, and by chance had a mad Aussie serving us - from
Melbourne - her sister lives around the corner from us!

That is about all the exciting news for this day - Bron cooked us all
dinner - his fabulous stuffed eggplants - though not one of his best, as
the eggplants weren't entirely cooked through. Still yummy though. And
of course Bron played with the camera all evening.

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