Kate and Bron's Diary for 2002-08-11

Stayed the night in Vienna

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From: brong@zebkrahn.brong.net (Bron Gondwana)
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 08:29:31 +1000
Got up very late due to previous night's excesses. Doh. We were planning
to go to a palace maze, but went to the technology museum instead
because it wasn't outside. Navigated the very broken underground train
system (it's an old city, so routes make no sense. There was also a
problem on one of the lines, so we had to take trams to work around the
bit that wasn't running).

There was heaps to see in the museum - though we spent too long in
the cafe drying off and relaxing, so had to rush a bit. They had
amazing tricky water wheels and big interconnected machine with water
wheels, bells, whistles, flashing lights, etc - where each thing
would set off the next - took about 5 minutes to get the water
through to the other end.

Ate dinner at the train station (even harder to buy real food to cook
on Sunday).

Wrote lots of postcards and put on the single 58c stamp as we were told.
We have since discovered that postage to Australia is actually 1,09 EUR.
The guy in the tourist office spoke good English, and had 3 chances to
correct his mistake - and we were in Austria, so he had no excuse for
mistaking the two coutries! You can guess by now that we're not really
impressed with Vienna's tourist office - it was more a place to sell
stuff to people than provide information... very commercial, and
charging a commission to provide all sorts of tickets and reservations
for things. The information side on the other hand seems really badly
handled. Bah.

But I've been told to stop telling all the bad things and talk about
wonderful things instead, because that's what we're here for right
(really, I do appreciate feedback - only about 2 of you regularly reply
to these emails... I guess the automated looking nature of the messages
doesn't help)

Watched bits of movies on the TV back at Robert's - in German. They have
a big enough audience to dub everything here. Sean Connery with a dubbed
voice just doesn't cut it though... grr. What's the point of watching
him if you can't hear the voice???

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