Kate and Bron's Diary for 2002-09-14

Stayed the night in Edinburgh

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From: "Kate McMullin" <kate@brong.net>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 20:11:34 +1000 (EST)
After the late night, we ended up taking the wet washing with us for
our weekend trip to Edinburgh. Luckily the hostel there had an
industrial dryer.

The hostel in Edinburgh was on the top three floors of a tall building -
there is a mural all round the stairway to the top, encouraging you to
go further, and to get through the hundred odd steps. Glad we didn't
have our huge packs! Nice place, although a bit smoky, particularly in
the dining room.

We didn't do much today, as we were pretty stuffed from being up late
(also add the doof-doof all night from the nightclub over the back fence
to the list of reasons), so we slept a bit, then wandered around town a
bit before having dinner at a very busy, but nice, Mexican restaurant.

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