Kate and Bron's Diary for 2002-09-19

Stayed the night in Canterbury

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From: "Bron Gondwana" <brong@brong.net>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 00:14:34 +1000 (EST)
The ladies showers had an entire 3 cubicles, with only shower
curtain between them. There was also a giant queue. Decided we could
survive until the next hostel, and checked out quickly so we didn't
get fined our bond. Had to pay £2 to have our big packs left there
for the day as well.

Wandered down to Christ Church College to see the big meadow with the
cows and eat breakfast. Back to Tourist Info to get on a walking tour,
but it was full and they wouldn't let us join. Guess it's nice for the
20 people they did have, but annoying for us.

Kate had booked the hostel in Canterbury, who were really crap. They
insisted that we specify the exact time we were going to turn up, and
that it had to be before 5pm. Considering how far we had to travel, that
was crazy. Kate said as much, but they said they would give the beds to
someone else if we weren't there by 5:30. Yay for customer service.

So, we wandered around for a bit, checked out a market, and headed off
to catch a train at about 1:30pm. It seriously takes that long.

Train took us to Paddington Station, where the info people directed us
to Kings Cross. Thanks guys. At least our Britrail passes were valid for
underground connections between rail stations - I don't know if they'd
accept them for other stations, hadn't tried that - and don't really
want the fine that we'd find out with if they aren't! Had to get to
Wellington station... which has a separate part called 'East Wellington'
where the train we wanted goes. More fun finding that.

Finally got a train to Canterbury West station, and called the hostel on
the way because we'd be late. Then realised how far the hostel was from
the station we'd be arriving at, and called Ned - who couldn't pick us
up for an hour. On the other hand, he had the keys to his new flat (even
though he wasn't officially moving in until the next day) and offered us
the option of staying there. We accepted, and I rang the hostel and was
rude to them (I think they deserved it for their attitude to potential
customers - we had left Oxford hours earlier than we needed to, and
missed the second walking tour at 2pm. We wouldn't have considered using
them if we'd known there was another choice - even another hostel that
didn't cost too much more)

Sat in a pub for an hour waiting for Ned, then out to dinner at Ned's
new local noodle place. I think he'll be going there again, it was
good! A quick car tour (via Ned's old place where we collected
pillows and lovely towels :) and it was time for a nice relaxing bath
and then sleep!

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