Kate and Bron's Diary for 2002-09-20

Stayed the night in Cambridge

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From: "Bron Gondwana" <brong@brong.net>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 00:28:27 +1000 (EST)
Ned came over at 8am to wait for the BT man. We slept in a bit more
while he moved things inside, then had breakfast and chatted for a
while. I also helped Ned bring a fold-out couch up a narrow staircase.
It was amazing that it worked, but we managed in the end with a lot of
sweat and a few marks on the walls!

Off towards the cathedral, and booked the walking tour, which started at
2pm. Had lunch, looked on the net to work out our train connections -
over 3 hours to Cambridge! Made arrangements to be picked up at the
station at 10pm so we could go to evensong in the cathedral.

We looked at a 'cats' shop for a while - heaps of fantastic toys, but
all too delicate to bring home. Realised we didn't have the camera with
us, so Kate ran off an grabbed a disposable while I made sure the tour
didn't wander off without us. The photos are now online:


Anyway, lots of interesting things - but see the comments with each
photo. You can even add your own comments if you want.

Kate called Tricia from Select and accepted the offer of £450
compensatation, since we're leaving the country, and it's not worth the
energy of fighting any more. Thanks heaps to everyone who's sent
supportive emails about the troubles we've had. We're looking forward to
seeing you all too!

After the tour we went back into the cathedral (£3.50 each) and looked
around, then sat through an evensong service. It was quite well
attended, including a bunch of French Foreign Legion troops, in uniform.
Very nice music, and it's making Kate excited about the fact that she's
going to get to sing in Gloriana now that we're coming home early.

Ned drove us to the station, and we proceeded to negotiate our 4
connections back to Cambridge. Not too difficult, just lots of changes
and walking around. It's annoying that you can't really get past London
on rail without taking the Underground across town.

Simes picked us up from the station in his cute little blue VM beetle
(new model!). Bit of a squash with all the packs. We sat around chatting
until all hours with his wife E-J and another friend of theres.

We got the library (lots of books - big surprise with all these computer
types, NOT) and a nice big futon. Luxury! Oh, and towels as well. Going
back to the rubber things in Italy will suck. Grr.

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