Kate and Bron's Diary for 2002-09-21

Stayed the night in Cambridge

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From: "Bron Gondwana" <brong@brong.net>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 19:29:21 +1000 (EST)
Woke up late, and sat around reading and eating delicious porridge that
Simes cooked for us.

We made it into town about 1pm, put the camera in for processing, walked
around to see a few sites. We tried to get into King's College, but it
had closed at 12:20. Doh!

Went to a fudge shop where we watched the fudge being mixed and
rolled into a giant loaf (baguette shaped) and cut into slices. Of
course we helped 'quality control' the end product. Yum! Had to try a
couple of times to make sure it was good enough... bought 4 slices of
various types.

Climbed up St Mary's church - yep, even Kate. Great view of all the
colleges and other nice buildings. Got photos. The colleges all have to
be within 3 miles of this church - something about students supposed to
come and pray. It means that the surrounding area is quite crowded in
all directions - the only greenery is in the quadrangles of the
colleges - which only College Fellows are allowed to walk on. Students
only get to look, and the public isn't even allowed in (well, not to
all of them anyway)!

Went to a really good vegetarian cafe for lunch. Simes is allergic to
wheat products, so it's great for him - everything labelled with
allergens possibly present.

Saw a round church, very.. well.. round. There are only a few of them
still in existance, it really is a circle shape (though it's had another
building tacked on to one side). It's built in that shape so the devil
can't hide in any corners!

Back to the carpark, and we'd just paid when I realised we hadn't
picked the photos up yet. They dropped me off at the closest place to
walk and did blockies while I ran through the unfamiliar streets (and
got lost) finding the pharmacy. Crowds were crazy, and it's not even
the start of the Uni year yet. In a couple of weeks the place will be
impassable, especially since they're doing major roadworks over one of
the busiest streets.

The reason we were in Cambridge was a big party on Saturday night for
E-J and Simes' 2nd wedding anniversary. Lots of people were there, many
of them 'spods' from internet chat systems (haven't used them for years,
and I didn't know any of them online, but it was still a blast from the
past just chatting to people who used those systems) and people from
newsgroups whose names I did recognise. Kate helped prepare the food
while I worked on getting the pictures online.

Amongst all the delicious food that night, there was the top 3rd of the
wedding cake. They'd frozen it for 2 years, and thawed it out. It had
beautiful hand painted chocolate flowers and marzipan fruits stuck on a
dense chocolate cake. Apparently it's traditional to chop up the cake,
put the marzipan and chocolate over the top, and grill it, then serve it
with hot custard. So, that's what we did! So rich.

Got to bed far too late (again).

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