Kate and Bron's Diary for 2002-10-17

Stayed the night in Lyon

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From: "Bron Gondwana" <brong@brong.net>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 23:55:30 +1100 (EST)
We had sponge baths at the basin and planned to have a proper wash in
Paris. We were annoyed enough at both the dodgy hotels (Lyon is the
second biggest city in France, and has no hostel - most other towns
looked similarly poorly served in the Europe book the we still had) and
the fact that most train lines in France are TGV only, and charge
booking fees. On top of that, we still have plenty of Britrail days
left, so we could explore the UK where they speak the same language and
don't charge for every little incidental excuse quite so frequently.

Anyway, caught the metro to the closer train station only to discover
that the staff were on strike, and there were no lockers (welcome back
out of Switzerland and into paranoia land), only baggage handlers who
were of course not there.

The baggage handlers existed at the other station, so we left our bags
there, booked through to Paris, and headed off to see the views from the
top of the hill which looks over Lyon. There's a Funicular which is
covered by the Metro ticket (but goes through a tunnel most of the way
up the mountain, so no views...).

At the top is a really cool church, with gardens which have a fantastic
view over the city. It was still a little wet, so we didn't get long to
enjoy the view. The church was full of mosaics.

Finished Lyon with a quick run through the Textiles and Decorative Arts
museum (actually two museums, but on the one ticket and next to each
other). Kate really liked it (I was a bit bored by the end) especially
the textiles. Again, not much English information available, though one
nice lady practiced her English with us, and told us a bit more than we
would have found out otherwise.

Kate had stayed at a hostel last time which had really good breakfasts
and was in our Europe book (and it was central and easy to get to from
the train station), so we went there. On the down side, it was very
expensive, and Kate had a room full of screaming and unsocialised
teenage girls, whereas I had a slightly nicer dorm with only loud
snorers and builders who came and smoked under my window at 6:30am,
waking me up with the smoke (and noise a bit later as they started
work). We didn't get much sleep.

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